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EPoS Label Printing & EPoS Plastic Card Printing

Print the right way to save time and effort by integrating with our software. No more typing every product name and price, automatically pull the information from the database.

Zebra-ZT230 Printer

EPoS Label Printing

Whether you need to print 10,000 labels for your nursery, or just a few to go on this weeks reductions, labelling can be very time consuming.

Whether that be typing all the information for each product, or cutting out the label once printed.

Either way we have time saving solutions to fit in with all your needs.

EPoS Plastic Card Printing

Plastic Card printing is a fast and easy way of getting long lasting labels printed with ease.

Ideal for Butchers and Delis, you can print allergen and ingredient information, along with country of origin, it’s really flexible.

Double sided printing is also available, with lots of customers choosing to print the PLU number on the back of the card.

Different coloured cards and ink are also available.

Integrated Label Printing Features


Print 1,000's of labels in a couple of minutes by using our recommended Zebra printers.


Remove any chance of keying errors as all data is pulled from the database.


There are 1,000's of different label styles and sizes to choose from, all of which can be used in these printers.


These printers (excluding the mobile printer) can print weatherproof labels. Come wind rain or shine the label will remain legible.


Zebra ZD420/ZD421 300dpi


For occasional label printing, we recommend the Zebra ZD421.

For EPoS Label Printing this will comfortably accommodate printing a few hundred labels a day.

Anything more than that and you should be looking at a larger printer.

Again, numerous different label styles and sizes can be printed on, including weather proof outdoor labels.

This printer cannot print lock ties or stick in labels.

Zebra ZD420 Printer
Zebra-ZT230 Printer

Zebra ZT230/ZT231 300dpi


Reliable and speedy, the Zebra ZT230 300dpi label printer is ideal for volume printing.

It will easily print 10,000 labels in a few minutes.

You will probably take longer to change the roll of labels than the time it will take to print.

Numerous different label styles and sizes can be printed on, including weather proof outdoor labels.

This machine will print lock ties and stick in labels.

A4 Label Printing


We can print labels to any laser or ink jet printer as long as it has a Windows driver.

This allows you to achieve EPoS Label Printing for sticky labels on A4 sheets.

You can also print lock ties and stick in labels in this way.

Although this may seem like a good option as most businesses already have an A4 printer, it can be very wasteful.

If you are only wanting to print a few labels (less than an A4 sheet contains), the rest of the sheet may not be usable for printing.

A4 Sheet Sticky Plant Labels

Mobile Label Printing


Mobile printing solutions can be very handy.

Working in conjunction with our Portable Stock Taking unit, you can easily scan products and either print a normal label, or a markdown label.

The markdown label reduces the cost of just that one item, leaving the rest of your stock at the usual retail price.

Great for fresh produce going out of date.

Head over to the Portable Solutions page for more information.

Design Your Own Labels


We use Label Matrix for our label designs and print engine.

This software can allow you to design your own labels for any type of label size or shape.

Or we can design all of the labels for you, and new label designs and changes to exisiting designs are all covered in the support contract.

Benefits Of Integrated Labeling

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