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Do you offer leasing?

Leasing is a service we do not offer directly.

However we do work with third parties who offer this service.

Do you have prefered companies you work with?

We do have a list of companies we regularly work with, but if you want to use another company, we are open to working with them.

Can you make the introduction?

Depending whether you are a limited company of not, we can put you in touch with these companies to start the conversation.

How does the leasing work?

The process is generally the same with each company.

  • Apply for the amount required.
  • If approved, sign the contract, and let us know.
  • We process your order, and the leasing company pays us when all hardware is on site.
  • You pay back the loan monthly.

What rates are available?

That is for you to discuss with the lenders, we do not get involved.

One of our suggested suppliers Corporate Medical Finance has an online quote generator you can use to get a ball park figure.

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