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EPoS for Butchers

Butchers can really benefit from an EPoS system, especially around Christmas time.


We Can Make Your Life Easier With EPoS

Our EPoS for butchers system will offer immediate benefits from day one.

Butchers have some unique issues to their sector which we have some excellent solutions for.

With the possibility of selling raw meat, cooked takeaway food, wholesale customers, and possible fish and deli counters, it’s a real mix at a modern butchers, and you need a butcher till system that works for you.

For those customers whom already sell using Bizerba scales, we can also offer you a more in depth back office reporting package, leaving the front end of your business to carry on as usual.

For the busy Christmas period (but is used all year round by some), our Sales Order solution takes away headaches and mountains of paperwork for customers ordering in advance, and adding to their order over multiple visits.

EPoS For Butchers - Cut Of Meat

Benefits of EPoS For Butchers

EPoS Butcher Scales

Butcher Weigh Labellers

Weigh labellers are used to label items by weight, place a barcode on the item unique to the weight being purchased, to then be scanned at the tills in a another physical area of the shop.

Simply place the item on the scale, press the correct button on the screen, press print and attach the label to the item.

This barcode can then be scanned at the main checkout tills, charging the correct amount based on the items weight.


Coping With Christmas Orders

Sales Orders

For customers wanting to place orders for collection at a later date, this solution solves the issues that come along with that way of trading.

Our Sales Order software can run on any device with a browser and internet connection, meaning orders don’t have to be taken on the till causing long queues. A member of staff can be taking orders on a tablet or laptop elsewhere instore or in the office over the phone.

The order can be added to at a later date and revised as needed. A picking list can be printed the day before collection or delivery, so all meat can be weighed and packed ready.

EPoS For Butchers Case Studies

EPoS Case Study Bolster Moor Farm Shop

EPoS Case Study Bolster Moor Farm Shop

EPoS Case Study – Bolstermoor Farm Shop Profile Bolster Moor Farm Shop on the outskirts of Huddersfield is run by…
Bolster Moor Simon
“As a Yorkshire man I want good value and good service from every one of our suppliers, it is how we stay at the top. I explained how we wanted to serve exactly as we do now but quicker. Open Retail software provided the solution.”
Simon Haigh
Bolster Moor Farm Shop

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