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EPoS Scales

Selling by weight is something we can easily accommodate in a variety of ways.

EPoS Scales Integration Is Key

We can integrate with both Avery Berkel and Bizerba scales to achieve optimum scale retailing.

Whether you are a farm shop, deli, cheese monger or zero waste shop, we have a solution to suit your business.

Integrated EPoS scales give the most benefit, completely streamlining the selling process, and reducing work load and human error.

Minimise Human Error With EPoS Scales

When integrated, the Scales and Tills send data back and forth to remove as much human error as possible.

The weight of the item is sent from the scale to the Till.

The Till calculates the amount owed based on the weight and the price per kg or 100g.

For weigh labels, the data only has to be entered once. No more double data entry with discrepancies between the two.

Gravity Bins - Open Retail Solutions

Different Ways To Use Scales With Multi Retail


Get the maximum out of our EPoS system by using an integrated scale. This method only requires a basic scale as our software is doing all the work.

Weigh Label

For those wanting to label weighed produce but pay at another area of the store, our weigh label solutions can facilitate. All data entry is done using our software which we then send into either the Avery Berkel or Bizerba weigh label scale.

Back Office Only

This option is only available for customers with Bizerba scales being used as Tills. You can continue to use the scale as your Till, and we pull out information from the scale to populate sales reports, stock levels etc.

Non Integrated

This method involves having a standalone scale, and then inputting the weight manually into our Till. This way you can use your existing scale and it doesn’t have to be Avery Berkel or Bizerba.

Benefits Of Integrated Weigh Plate

Benefits Of Integrated Weigh Label

Scale Bizerba KH II 800 Pro

Integrated Weigh Plate Scale

This scale sits on top of the counter, or can be sunk into the counter top.

It links directly to our Till, just place the produce on the plate, and select the correct item on the Till screen for the correct amount to be calculated and charged to the customer.

The price per 100g or per kg is already set. No need to remember PLU codes, prices or promotions.

Again we offer both Avery Berkel and Bizerba products of this type.

Integrated Weigh Plate Scale

Weigh Labellers are for labelling produce so they can be sold elsewhere in your shop.

This frees up the meat, cheese or fish counter etc. to serve, weigh and talk to the customer, rather than taking payments and clogging up the counter.

The money is taken elsewhere meaning the customer only has to pay once giving a more fluid experience and saving retailers extra card charges.

There is a plethora of options for a weigh labeller to cater for all different types of products needing to be weighed.

We can assist you choosing the right weigh labeller for your situation.

We send new products, price changes, allergen and ingredient updates to both Avery Berkel and Bizerba Weigh Labellers so you do not have to enter data twice.

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