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Portable EPoS Solutions

Not being stuck at your desk can bring time and money savings to your business. Learn how technology can help streamline processes.

Zebra Mobile Printer

Why be portable?

Portable EPoS Solutions offer a way to save time and money. Although portable solutions come with an upfront investment, overtime that money will easily be recouped and more in the time savings they will bring.

Some jobs traditionally would require a lot of back and forth from the shop floor to office. These solutions offer ways to remove those shuttle runs and let staff get on with the job in hand.

The only requirement is for WiFi coverage in all the areas you would want the devices to work in.

Won’t these Portable EPoS Solutions be lost, stolen or damaged?

From experience this doesn’t happen.

Most customers instill in their staff how important these items are, and to be extra careful when using them.

Because they save staff lots of time and make life easier, they tend to respect these devices a lot.

As they are not left lying around, thieves do not target them. They are also quite specialist so have a limited market for them to sell on.

Workabout Pro 2

Portable Stock Taking and more…

These units are a long standing favourite of our customers.

With the ability to perform so many tasks, the question isn’t whether you should have one, it’s how many. Customers tell us they never have enough units, and we do have a small number of units we rent out.

The main function which is used is for creating a “Batch”. This is basically a list of stock codes and quantities. You can then use this Batch to raise an order, book stock in, print labels, add items to a promotion, the list is endless.

Portable Printers

Working together with these units, you can print labels from anywhere onsite that has WiFi coverage.

No need to go back and forth to the office to print the label, print next to the product.

Ideal for marking down items, so only the marked down item will scan at a reduced rate, the rest of your stock will remain at the usual retail price.


Table Service with an iPad

If you want to offer a more upmarket eating experience, table service is the way to go, and we have a solution which streamlines the process.

Instead of pen and paper, an iPad is used to take the order. All menu items are displayed and customer options can be entered against each item e.g. no coleslaw, or nut allergy.

Once the order is complete, the order is sent straight to the kitchen.

Altogether a much faster and accurate solution.

Table Service Tablet