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EPoS for Delicatessens

Specialist Delicatessen EPoS providers, with 100+ sites actively using our software throughout the UK


Delicatessens present one of the most complicated retail environments with potential for deli counters with weigh labellers, zero waste retailing, plus fresh fruit and veg, and maybe a restaurant.

Although challenging, an EPoS system can massively simplify this, and streamline all your processes.

Making things clear and simple is the key, but also offering as much flexibility as possible to trade the way you want to.

Our EPoS system integrates with both Avery Berkel and Bizerba weigh plates and weigh labellers, the market leaders in scale technology in the UK.

No matter what size of deli you have, our system could make a real difference for your business.


EPoS Tools For Delicatessens

Delicatessens Scales / Deli Scales


Delicatessens Weigh Labellers

Weigh labellers are used to label items by weight, they place a barcode on the item unique to the weight being purchased, to then be scanned at the tills in another physical area of the shop.

Simply place the item on the scale, press the correct button on the screen, press print and attach the label to the item.

This barcode can then be scanned at the main checkout tills, charging the correct amount based on the items weight.

Delicatessens Weigh Plates

Weigh Plates are used to sell items at the till by weight.

Place your item of fruit or veg on the plate, press the correct button on the screen and the till calculates the amount due based on price per kg or per 100g.

Open Retail Solutions integrates with Avery Berkel & Bizerba weigh plates and weigh labellers.

EPoS For Delicatessens Case Studies

EPoS Case Study Delilah Fine Food

EPoS Case Study Delilah Fine Food

EPoS Case Study – Delilah Fine Foods Profile Delilah Fine Foods is a retail experience, having outgrown their previous location they not only moved into an old bank site, but…
Delilah Fine Food Sangita
“Although we were familiar with selling off scales, we did not think this was flexible enough and so decided we needed an epos system. Open Retail was chosen as they had the bulk of the functionality already and with it being their own software could offer the additional functions required. We also added with stock taking and wastage control. We have a hospitality system combined with a general retail and weighing. ”
Delilah Fine Food

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