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HTA | Horticultural Trades Association | EPoS

HTA gift has grown in popularity overtime, and we have always kept up to date with their latest offerings as that is crutial for our Garden Centre and Retail Nursery customers.

Whether you sell and accept all or some of these types of gifting, they are all fully integrated with our till and EPoS system.

This means you can redeem, sell and check balances right from our till program.

We also have an option for the paper voucher where you can print a credit note if the full amount is not redeemed, though these paper vouchers have now been discontinued by the HTA and replaced by the HTA Gift Card.

All of this comes with full reporting, so you know how much you have sold and redeemed of each type.

We also fully integrate with the HTA Garden Retail Monitor scheme.

HTA Gift Cards

The most popular method of gifting via the HTA is the gift cards.

These can be purchased at Garden Centres, or a variety of other stores such as Supermarkets.

Any amount between £5.00 and £500.00 can be loaded onto the card, ready for redemption in Garden Centres and Retail Nurseries.


HTA Gift Cards
HTA eVoucher

HTA eVoucher

The latest addition to the HTA line up for gifting services – the eVoucher.

The problem this is trying to solve is if you live in London, and want to buy a gift card for your friend in Glasgow, you would still need to post it. With eVouchers, just specify an email address, and the voucher will be sent straight to their Email inbox.

The recipient can then either print off the voucher, or allow the till operator to scan the barcode from their phone screen (provided you have the correct type of till scanner)

At the time of writting (Dec 2021) you can only purchase this from the HTA website, not in Garden Centres.

The redemption is really easy on the tills, and you can also check the outstanding balance before any purchases have been made.

This is also a great option if you do not like the idea of using excessive amounts of plastic to help save the planet.

HTA Paper Vouchers

The tried and tested method of giving and receiving – paper vouchers.

You can both sell and redeem via our till, with income reports giving totals for any date range selected.

When selling, you can choose to sell in multiple of £5, or put each denomination through the till as purchased to get a more accurate reading of how much people are buying for their friends and family.

HTA Paper Voucher
HTA Garden Retail Monitor

HTA Garden Retail Monitor

Furthring our relationship with the HTA,  we can offer an integration for their Garden Retail Monitor scheme.

This scheme pulls sales data from HTA member EPoS systems to report and monitor sales trends across the industry.

As a member, you then gain access to these reports to see how your business is fairing compared to others in your sector.

To find out more, read the HTA Garden Retail Monitor document.

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