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Integrated Card Payments

Integrated Card Payments removes the possibility of human keying error. Charge the customer the correct amount, and process the transactions with speed. We offer integration with Paymentsense and Verifone.

Serve with speed & accuracy

Our integrated solutions guarantee accuracy when it comes to taking card payments.

With authorisation happening over broadband rather than a phone line with a traditional PDQ machine, speed is vastly improved.


Secure & Compliant

Working with Paymentsense & Verifone means we are fully PCI DSS compliant.

No card information is stored on the EPoS system, or onsite.

Real-time, instant reporting of every transaction, allowing you to check if payment has gone through and trace historical transactions.

Verifone P400

New in 2019 giving PCI DSS compliance for at least the next 10 years.

Verifone V240m

New in 2019 giving PCI DSS compliance for at least the next 10 years. A Wi-Fi terminal with built-in receipt printer.

Dojo A920

A Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & GPS terminal with built-in receipt printer, ideal for table service.

Pay At Table with Dojo / Paymentsense

We can now offer Pay At Table from Paymentsense.

This is perfect for any businesses operating a Table Service system in their restaurant or cafe.

Take payment at the table, by linking to the EPoS system for itemised receipts.

The bill can also be split in multiple ways.

Watch the video for a full demonstration.

Benefits Of Integrated Card Payments

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