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EPoS Enquiries & Reports

Once you are setup and gathered all this information via your tills, how do you make use of it? Enquiries & Reports are here to crunch the numbers and give meaningful insight into your businesses trends and needs.

Onscreen or Printed?

Enquiries & Reports offer two ways to view your data. Some people prefer to look at data on the screen, others prefer to print it off. Enquiries is for screen people, and Reports for printers.

Reports offers much more in-depth information, but Enquires are much more flexible and can be manipulated intuitively.

Both have export facilities so you can send the data to Excel and then do with it as you please.

Over 250 Reports

We don’t expect you to use all the reports available. Most people find the ones they like and work for them, and just use those. Add these to your favourites for quick access.

The reports are grouped together to easily find them into categories such as Price Lists, Stock Valuation, Performance, Purchase Orders etc.

Reports offers much more in-depth information, but Enquires are much more flexible and can be manipulated intuitively.

EPoS Enquiries & Reports Features


Our system churns through, sometimes years worth of, data at high speed.


Remembering stock levels and sales figures exclusively in your head can lead to many errors, and limits the work others can do on your behalf.


With over 250 Reports, plus Enquiries, we should have everything covered you are ever going to want to view.


Export any of our Enquiries or Reports to Excel, where you can manipulate the data as you wish.


All of our Enquiries and reports once run can be exported.

Simply run the Enquiry or Report, click the Export icon, and choose from Excel, PDF or CSV.

Choose the file location, click save, all done.

You can then send data to colleagues, or manipulate it anyway you choose in Excel.

Enquiries & Reports - Calendar

Report Scheduler

Once up and running with our system, you may find yourself running the same reports regularly.

This can be automated, so when you arrive Monday morning the reports you want to see are either ready on the printer, in your inbox or in a .pdf in a designated location.

Saving you time and effort. Pick from a long list of reports, and choose to run daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Management Dashboard

View critical information from several reports in one management dashboard.

Get data for all the critical elements of your business together giving a wealth of actionable information.

A must for every business owner.


EPoS Enquiries & Reports Features

Benefits Of EPoS Enquiries & Reports