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Weigh Scales

Depending on the nature of your retail business, the type of scales you require will vary. Open Retail offer a choice of scales from stand-alone weigh/label to till-integrated weighing plates. Either way, we only work with reputable and reliable suppliers. Multi Retail provides a direct link to the tills and back office system, so whenever you need to change a price or add a new product you just enter the information once into your pc and it will automatically update the scales and tills. It’s quick, easy and accurate!

Integrated Scales

Integrated scale weigh plates are best for loose fruit and vegetable produce. The plu prices in the till are updated directly from the Multi Retail product maintenance. There is a touch menu facility to assist in picking the right items, usually with a picture. The weight is read directly from the weighing plate which is mounted in the till counter and connected by cable to the till. Where the goods are sold in a container its weight can be deducted from the sale. The Multi Retail software is fully weights and measures certified.


Adding scales to the epos solution increases the range of goods you can sell and the serving problems you can overcome. Open Retail have teamed up with the brand leader Bizerba to offer their range of scales that suit the epos environment. The scales have a touch menu to assist in serving the right items, or you can just enter the PLU number if you know it. The weight is read and price extended allowing a barcoded label to be printed off reflecting the different weights of each piece sold. These goods are taken to the till together with any other shopping. The till scans this barcode and sells it at the recorded price.



This is a weighing plate that integrates directly with our epos till.



A popular scale for weigh labelling especially in farm shops.



The butchers favorite , heavy duty work horse.



The top end with larger main and second screen and also two printers for product and ingredients labels

Keyboard Design

You can buy a weigh/label scale that produces a barcode which is then scanned by the till. This will use the price that the scale priced the item at and sell it to the same product in the stock system. The layout of the screen is done using a screen design program

Customer screen

The second screen is used to promote product by showing promotions or displaying marketing videos. No need to go to each scale entering prices and label text , it can all be sent from the office pc and updated even whilst the operator is serving


Where there is a high level of loose weighed product like fruit and veg or pick your own fruit an integrated weigh scale is the fastest method of serving. It only requires a weigh plate on the counter and a display to show the customer the reading. The till will have a lot of touch buttons to show which product select to and can have a picture for speed and clarity of selection.


You don’t have to wait until the end of trading to see what’s selling , how much money you have taken or how many customers you have served.


Our solution is fully weights and measures compliant, which means when the product is weighed the reading is passed automatically to the till where it is priced up at the current rate for 100/gr or kilos


Obviously having the flexibility of an epos till with all its features , outweighs selling from scales. It lets the scale do what its good at weighing and labelling the goods and the epos till dealing with sales.


HOW DOES THE TILL KNOW WHAT THE PRICE IS ? The weighing scales generates a barcode on the label it prints out. This barcode has both the product code and product nett price embedded within it. When the till sees this special type of label it knows to unpack this information from the barcode it scans.

DOES THE SCALE NEED SETTING UP ON SITE ? Only the integrated scales need a proper set up weighing calibration due to the fact that the reading must be the same as read by the till.

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