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If your shop sells one, the stock level changes on your website.

Ecommerce Integration

Accurate and up-to-date product information, particularly real-time stock availability, for your online customers is essential for running a successful eCommerce business. Multi Retail integrates your web sales and with your stock control system, ensuring that stock information is always up to date both online and in-store. It also records online sales information alongside till sales to give you a complete picture of the business from one central location. Whatever your budget, Multi Retail can provide a fully-integrated, professional looking eCommerce website that delivers a quality shopping experience for your visitors. If you have already got an established website that works well for you, then we can integrate your current platform with Multi Retail so you can still reap the benefits of the integrated eCommerce site. .

  • Uploads Stock and Prices

    The new stock balance and any price changes get send back up to the website. This keeps the customer happy as you are always quoting accurate stock positions to them. When you order it you want it , not a call saying they are out of stock. .

  • Downloads orders.

    The website collects new orders from the website and stores them in the stock control system.

  • Links with Open Retail sales order

    Once stock has been picked and the delivery despatched then the stock gets downgraded

  • Links with sales and reporting

    Using the sales order package you can create an invoice and analyse sales.

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