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Table Management

Lets get some drinks ordered while we look through the menu and see what we fancy. Add items to order by running a tab against a table for your customer being able to add items like drinks or deserts at any time , paying when they leave. Less staff needing to use the till If staff don’t need to take money then there is less movement behind the till with people trying to pass each other.

order taker

Food and Drink Options

The system supports options for each meal so the operator knows what is and what is not available, else type in the meal order if very specific. The system is designed to place orders. More complex functions like split billing or taking payments will still need to be done by the main till.

Table Ordering using Tablets

Speedier service for the customer and you where you have limited space behind the counter to take orders at the till. If you are offering a full on table service with waitresses, taking the order at the table, then a portable order taker is the right choice for you.

  • Select a Table

    .Select table Select a table using an order taking device is easy using an Ipad mini in a rugged case. Orders are taken at the table and it is the same as doing it at the tills, as you share the same table ans menu options. You can have up to 8 locations with up to 40 tables for each area with the current status of the table shown on the button. You have the ability to move table and to add extra items like drinks , coffee or deserts .

  • Select a menu section.

    There are five main keyboard layouts which could be different menus for different times of the day. From this select the meal or drink page and choose from the selections available. As soon as orders are placed they will go through to the kitchen to be printed

  • Choose meal

    You can move quickly between meals and menus until order items are placed. It doesn't matter how you take the orders the system will sort them into courses for you

  • Meal Options

    As well as your meal you can also offer options that go with it or how you want it cooked. So for a soup you may show choice of bread or for steak whether you prefer medium or well done. This can also be used for saying you don’t want something i.e. no onions in a salad. Where you offer say a four or five item breakfast this would also let you choose the items from the list offered.

  • Text Entry

    Anything else that is unusual can be handled by text typing. Regularly used words can be preloaded and selected from a list on screen.

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