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Touch Tills

Fast to serve and easy to use. The majority of items other than food service will probably barcoded. Those that are not barcoded can have a label produced instore or be sold by a menu button to select the product.

Food service

Functionality for cafe or restaurant food service , all in one solution. This provides the usual facilities of tablet ordering, tablet management, kitchen control by screen or printed tickets and split billing.


Weigh Labelling allows the scale to price the items and produce a barcode label enabling it to be scanned by the till. Weigh plates integrated to tills let you handle loose products like fruit and veg .


For locally supplied unbarcoded itesm or for branded shelf edge labels, with laminated labels or plastic cards being the preferred method.

Back Office

Maintains product pricing , controls stock , reports on product and customer sales

Epos Systems for Delicatessens

The great advantage of using epos for delicatessens is that both the tills and the scales are linked back to the office system.Pricing updates and sales information being immediately available. The customer can both eat and buy in the shop and it all be covered by the one bill.

Multi Retail for Delicatessens

Epos Process

Learn how Epos is easy to do when you know how. The process is broken down into four easy to understand sections. The Why, What, and Way plus the Benefit. Read on and we show you how it works.


It is vital to make sure products are added to the system with the right barcodes, prices and kept updated with supplier’s changes. To achieve the required margin the system will calculate a suggested sell price and all stock and price changes are audited by date and operator, which can be reviewed later. The tills are immediately informed of new products and price changes.


Your labelling will have a key impact on performance using supplier barcodes saves time and cost applying price gun labels but does need one shelf edge label. Top up labelling can be done inhouse for any item arriving unlabelled and this includes pictures and colour too.

Stock Control

The stock is reduced after each sale immediately and as all the other office routines do the same then you can rely on your stock balance for making better decisions. A rolling stock take confirms this figure and identifies any theft.

Touch Tills

Touch tills make the introduction of epos easy with fast product selection using barcode scanning or touch buttons. The layout can be mapped out to suit the the season and fast movers get a button each or pictures where an has many options or is valuable.


Weigh label scales allow meat and cheese to be barcode labelled to be sold by the till.


With a seasonal business you dont want stock hanging around so "buy one get one free" and many other promotions help clear the stock in time as well as being an incentive for increase basket spend.

Food service

Offer food service and kitchen printing as just another keyboard layout

Sales Order Taking

Offer your customers a better service on their orders, especially at christmas time


Updating sales from the till is on a real time basis. Screen and fixed reporting is available all the time. You would be surprised how helpful it is to know your best sellers right now. Export figures to spreadsheets just makes this data even more manageable.

Credit Cards

Pretty much essential now to have your chip and pin credit cards solution integrated with your till solution. Quicker and less equipment eliminating differences occuring between sale total and tendered amount.


Get to know and reward your customers - then analyse who is spending and where the are coming from

About us

For our operation we needed the system to be very flexible and it is.

- Sangita Tryner / Delilah Deli

Multi Retail is an easy to use stock control system that links your office to tills and scales

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