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Integrates with to scales

Firstly the products you sell with their pricing and labelling information can be maintained on an office pc. Once saved it automatically get transfered into the scales no need to break off serving.

More Functionality

Multi Retail will scan the barcode produced on the scale label to identify the line and the price.It can also offer additional features such as promotions , trade account invoicing or loyalty rewards

Latest Features

The system recognises allergens in descriptions and highlights them. Plastic cards can be printed off showing current pricing off the system.

Epos Systems for Butchers

See your profits grow by using product promotions and managing waste, a price competitive business can still be a profitable business. A butcher needs to be in stock of fast sellers and clear the slow sellers. Serving speed at the tills, easy promotions and sales statistics all improves buying and reduces stock. If you can measure, it you can manage it. The benefits are it saves time, reduces costs whilst increasing sales and profit.

Multi Retail for Butchers

Epos Process

Learn how Epos is easy to do when you know how. The process is broken down into four easy to understand sections. The Why, What, and Way plus the Benefit. Read on and we show you how it works.


It is vital to make sure products are added to the system with the right barcodes, prices and kept updated with supplier’s changes. To achieve the required margin the system will calculate a suggested sell price and all stock and price changes are audited by date and operator, which can be reviewed later. The tills are immediately informed of new products and price changes.


Printing plastic cards for pricing is very popular. They can be printed for meat , cheese or shelf edging and look very professional as well as being washable.

Stock Control

The stock is reduced after each sale immediately and as all the other office routines do the same then you can rely on your stock balance for making better decisions. A rolling stock take confirms this figure and identifies any theft.

Touch Tills

Touch Tills make the introduction of epos easy with fast product selection using barcode scanning or touch buttons. The layout can be mapped out to suit the the season and fast movers get a button each or pictures where an has many options or is valuable.

Weigh Label

Weigh label scales allow meat and cheese to be barcode labelled to be sold by the till.


Sell multiple packs of sausage at a cheaper price any flavour and many other promotions help clear the stock in time as well as being an incentive for increase basket spend.

Weigh Plate

Loose items like fruit and veg can be sold using a weigh plate linked to the till

Sales Orders

Offer your customers a better service on their orders, especially at Christmas time. Helps with both planning deliveries but also production levels too.


Updating sales from the till is on a real time basis. Screen and fixed reporting is available all the time. We report your sales both by value and by weight.

Credit Cards

Chip and Pin credit cards solution integrated with your till solution offering both Cashback and Contactless. Quicker and less equipment eliminating differences occuring between sale total and tendered amount.


Get to know and reward your customers - then analyse who is spending and where the are coming from

About us

We just need it to be multi branch and work all day, every day and it does

- Robert Jones / Walter Smiths

Multi Retail is an easy to use stock control system that links your office to tills and scales

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