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Staff Manager

Staff list and personnel details manages all the background and personnel details and is easy to setup and edit . It can also be printed as a report. The staff Rota is a forward planner of the shop manning taking into account sickness and holidays as well. Staff timesheets and payroll record worked hours and can do the basic calculations of pay for the helping with the payroll. Staff notes and audit all alterations are recorded in an historical audit and these can be added to with supervisor notes explaining .in more detail what happened

  • Staff List

    Stores the details of each member of staff their contact details , payroll information , holidays and sickness , together with an audit of previous activity

  • Personnel Records

    As well the basic record a more in depth personnel record can be maintained together with an audit of past activity. This includes medical records.

  • Staff Rotas

    The staff can be planned into future working rotas. These once completed are available over the internet to let the member of staff access them remotely to let them know when they are scheduled to be working.

  • Payroll

    Using a simple screen based login and logout system usually on a tablet , the hours working can be calculated and this can be used as the basis for the payroll calculations. .

  • Statistics

    There are a few facts and figures to give an summary position of the employee’s performance

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