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This can all be seen on screen and lots more to help good buying decisions. Ordering from the sales floor is made even easier when the buyers use radio handsets linked directly into the system.

The labels and all working paperwork available at the touch of a button


Purchase ordering has to be very good to provide all the background to aid buying, and so after selecting the supplier the lines we get from him are shown in alphabetical order.

Shows pricing both cost, sell and margin, plus stock levels and tests for reordering , what is on order already, available at other stores, bests sellers and avoid discontinued lines.


Reorder suggestions can be based on min/max, restock of sales, or weeks of stock required. Radio handset are used for shop floor orders or deliveries. Stock and sales information is available on screen to aid your order decision. Check order not causing over stocked against budget Scheduling of orders and deliveries with expected goods received note to help check deliveries. The Goods received note is analysed by group to assist posting to accounts Goods received matched to orders ensures the correct goods are delivered and identifies shortages. The printing of labels is a by product of receiving into stock.


On Screen

Reorder suggestions can be based on sales and stock levels, and takes into account customer orders too.


On gun

Radio handsets to raise purchase orders from the sales floor


On tablet

Wifi Tablet to raise purchase orders from the sales floor.



Plan the schedule of orders and expected deliveries by dated chart


The strength of epos is access to real time information, and this is a chance to utilise those figures in either suggesting items to reorder or reconfirmation of your own buying decisions. Suggests order based on sales and stock levels. Radio handsets to raise purchase orders. Identifies new lines and price changes. Checks stock for customer orders.


Having orders on file now gives you greater visibility of your commitment to buy for the different departments. Older or late orders can be monitored and goods inwards made aware of any potential delivery bottlenecks. Shows buying commitment to departments, suppliers and by time. Any overs and unders on delivery can be spotted. Ensures items are on order and barcode works.

Goods Inwards

Having previously placed the order you only need to show where it is different on the delivery to be able to book it all in. This way you only accept what you originally ordered and can spot substitutions. If not on order such as van deliveries then book deliveries into stock directly. Various methods of receiving to suit supplier. Van deliveries get booked in directly without an order. Radio handsets to receive good inwards. Links to label production. Allows multiple deliveries for the same purchase order.


There may be some difference in price or quantity on or after delivery from what was originally negotiated by the buyer. The valued goods inwards note shows what you actually received into stock and by extending the cost price an indictaion of the invoice value with vat that might be expected. It is further analysed by sales group for accounts posting, and adds to stock, with a history of deliveries and multiple deliveries are allowed for the same purchase order

Links to labels

Links to label production by adding the goods received quantities onto the label printing queue. Can relabel the existing stock as well as producing a new shelf edge if required


Although the system offers a number of ways of calculating an order , and you may well have to rely on your own knowledge as well, it certainly helps to see existing orders and current sales patterns when buying. As the system supports multiple locations and multiple branches you should avoid overordering by knowing where the additional stock can be found in a warehouse or other branch. It helps to have a clear view of both what you are expecting in and what you have received in. Using the radio handsets enables the shop floor to work directly with the product in placing or orders or receiving goods inwards. This increases the accuracy by confirming products scan on the system, and what comes in was in fact on the original order.


CAN I SEE PREVIOUS SALES AND DELIVERIES WHILST ORDERING ? The sales of this year and same period last year , plus outstanding orders and received delivery information are displayed on the suggested order screen.

CAN THE COMPUTER SUGGEST WHAT I SHOULD REORDER ? There are min/max tests but also available are weeks of stock cover and replenish stock based on replacing recent sales.

CAN I AVOID OVER ORDERING ? The outstanding orders are deducted from the reorder calculation and the stock held in storage or at other branches can also be seen.

CAN STOCK BE IN THE WAREHOUSE AND ALSO IN THE RETAIL AREA The stock would normally be booked directly into the retail shop stock. However it can be split between a shop and a storage area on arrival. The stock will need adjusting to the retail area when used.

CAN I SEE WHAT IS AT OTHER BRANCHES TO COMPARE SALES AND MOVE STOCK ? The head office will be able to run sales and stock enquiries and reports that compare branch versus branch.

CAN I BUY ANY MORE OR HAVE I EXCEEDED MY STOCK BUDGET FOR MY DEPARTMENT ?(OPEN TO BUY) Obviously this implies that targets per group have been set. The value of outstanding order lines reanalysed against groups will show what buyers have committed to. This can be compared against the current stock holding versus the budget being the open to buy limit. This is normally tested against the order before committing to acceptance allowing for over budget lines to be identified.

CAN I ENSURE WHAT WAS DELIVERD WAS WHAT I ORDERED AND WILL WORK AT THE TILL ? On arrival by scanning the items , this not only ensures they work on the system but also are part of the order. Alterations, over or under and substituitions can be referred back to the buyer for clearance.

WHEN ITEMS ARE RETURNED DO I KNOW WHY AND CAN I GET CREDIT FOR THEM ? Items returned via the till which are refunded will need to give a reason for return and a customer. These will have to be raised as a needing credit when the next order is placed.

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