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There will of course be adjustments and transfers that are fully traceable, a product’s life history can be reviewed in case of queries. The radio handsets will also have paybacks in the areas of raising orders, goods inwards, customer enquiries and label requests. You aim to reduce your stock, but more importantly turn it into a more saleable stock by clearing slow sellers by promotions releasing working capital.


The products can be stored in multiple locations, and radio handsets correct the stock levels instantly, and also perform rolling counts. It helps to set and monitor target stock levels to ensure no one department is overbuying, and looking at stock in highest to lowest value, highlights where reductions could take place.


The stock valuation is a key point to the company accounts. Provided that all items are on and cost priced then a valuation of products summarised by department group is very easy to produce. We would still advocate counting physically in controlled areas called counts. These counts can be checked and printed off and the value of each sub area calculated. The products can be stored in multiple locations, and radio handsets correct the stock levels instantly.



The adjustment take effect as soon as entered and can be on correction or replacement stock balance arrangement . The system can also handle stock that is taken out for own use such as display for sampling, and wastage too.



These are counts of physicals areas of the store and they are accepted to add to the new stock total. Stock is zeroed, the old balance retained to check any differences.



Batches - These are a collection of items that have been scanned as barcode and quantity. These batches can be used as a working list of products in orders, good in, labelling, and stock control.



These can be between locations such as a warehouse store and the retail area or more likely between branches where replenishment requests get sent to the central warehousing for picking and despatch to the branch.

Radio Handset

No time delay , your in front of the item on the shelf, so just count them and enter them. Alternatively you can make up a working list of codes and quantities called a batch which then gets used in office programs. Stock level and sell price instant updating. Stock level and sell price instant updating. Search for item by reference or name. More information including sales figures and picture.

Stock Adjustment

The beauty of the portable handset is that you can do stock tasks and still be in a position to serve a customer at any time. Batches of items for purchasing, goods inwards or labels. Request stock transfers from the warehouse for restocking.

Multi Adjustments

This method is used when doing a lot of corrections at the same time such as during a stock take. Stock changes for adjustments with reason. Stock changes for wastage with reason. Stock changes for own use with reason. Offline mode where no radio network available.

Stock Differences

The full stock counting allows for the fact that goods may be sold or stored in different locations and so need adding together to get a stock total

Stock found and counted in multiple locations with stock difference against pre count level.

Allows for movements of stock whilst counting and nput can be corrected before acceptance and finalising.


Although the stock can be counted manually , the use of radio handsets allows the user to work with one line at a time and change it directly or scan a group of lines to be used by the back office. The recording of stock changes from different parts of the system called the audit , allows a better explanation of a stock balance when you want to check it.

The stock can be counted more frequently using radio handsets and rolling stocktakes. The benefits are obvious in knowing what you have in terms of value of stock and being able to make better ordering decisions. The stock handset allows stock to be changed immediately and so it can be relied upon. The best part is allowing counts of different areas such as retail area or warehouse and adding together to see the total picture.


CAN I CHECK THE MARGIN ON STOCKING ? The stock can be valued at both cost and retail selling price allowing margin to be calculated if it was to be sold. This can be further analysed into the age of the stock based on goods inwards date or date of last sale.

CAN I CHECK WHAT STOCK LEVELS WAS BEFORE AND AFTER THE STOCK COUNT ? The stock taking procedure requires that the current stock level is recorded before stock taking. The resultant total of all counted input per product is updated against the stock and the difference generated as a stock adjustment

CAN I TRACE LOSS BY THEFT? If the stock difference after counting results in a negative, a loss by theft adjustment will be the raised.

CAN I MOVE STOCK BETWEEN BRANCHES AND CAN I TRACE IT WHILST BEING TRANSFERED? The stock may be moved as a result of a head office buyer deciding sales at the branches warrant the transfer of stock to store. The sending branch will generate a branch transfer note and the receiving branch will book it in like goods inwards.

CAN I SEE THE EFFECT OF LOSSES ON THE NETT PROFIT ? The gross profit on trading comes from the tills, however you can see the effect the returns have on profit. Add to this other adjustments such as wastage or own use. The sum of all losses

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