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Touch Tills

The use of tills to serve customers quickly and efficiently with promotional offers and payment by credit card is only part of the epos package. It is all about having the right items on sale and then clearing as many as possible before the season finishes and good labelling is essential especially on outdoor ranges. It is the use of the information that these tills collect that is the key so we offer a large reports pack.

Touch Tills

This is where all the action happens and needs to be quick and easy for main serving with lots of additional features for one off situations.

Touch Tills

The touch tills uses menus that can be setup and managed by you in the office. The loading of new products or price and barcode changes takes place automatically during the day. At the same time any sales the till has made are taken back for real time updating of sales totals. Open Retail Solutions have partnered with BOX TECHNOLOGIES to offer proven till hardware which is supported under warranty. They offer exceptional reliability and value for money, and we can always dial in over broadband to resolve any queries


Barcode Scanning

Scanning items is the most accurate and fastest way to take the money


Touch Buttons

Easy to use and quick to serve with touch buttons. An ergonomically designed layout allows for quick operator serving.


Touch Pictures

If it is expensive or hard to identify use a picture button.

Touch Search

If the item will not scan , then use search to find it by three words , department/group or supplier

Quantity Override

Select item and amend quantity up or down during the sale, which will also revalue the sale total as well

Price Overrides

Select item and amend sell price up or down during the sale, which will also revalue the sale total as well Requests a reason for the doing it.


Product or sale discount by operator but supervisor controlled. Suppliers promotional vouchers checks if included in sale.


When returning an item asks the reason why and also the details of the person requesting the refund. This is security controlled.


Saves the sale away so that other customers can be served untill the customer comes back and the sale is retrieved and finished

Own Use

Where stock is broken, or goods are taken to be used elsewhere in the shop these can be transfered at cost and reported on later


The till shows a running total during the scanning of the goods in the basket. The operator can use multiple tender types on the same sale Cash, Cheque, Credit cards, Vouchers, Credit Notes, Account sales and payments.


Avoid till bottlenecks by quickly taking the customers money. The receipt printer produces a descriptive sale copy so less invoice queries or can reprint on A4 paper. Control over staff security on the functions and value level .


HOW DO I SETUP AND MAINTAIN THE TOUCH MENUS ? What products go with which button is a setup routine program allowing the supervisor to change the menu for different times of the year or different serving areas.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE POWER GOES OFF , DO I LOOSE ALL MY SALES ? If you have a battery called a Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) then the system continues to work. "

HOW LONG BEFORE I CAN SEE THE SALES IN THE OFFICE ? The tills deliver the sales for updating every 15 seconds so effectively real time. There is a full update overnight and ongoing changes during the day with only several minutes to become active.

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