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Above and beyond normal cash sales we offer a range of account functions for dealing with - Trade, Staff, Discount Clubs, Loyalty. Where you have regular customers it makes sense to record their details of address , delivery instructions on file and postcode cd can help where this is only a temporary customer. The account can be issued a card and sales directly traced back to them.


To encourage customers to buy more they can become part of either discount clubs where different discounts are offered on selected sales groups. Alternatively you may want to set up a loyalty scheme of voucher rewards


Customer accounts fall into into several groups , trade or good customers for whowm you allow to buy now and pay later. Discounts clubs like sports clubs or allotment associations who can be offered discounts on items they wouldnt normally buy. Prepaid accounts where the funds are put on their account prior to using them up against sales, this is also how gift cards are offered. Discount and loyalty at same time or seperate , suits staff purchases.


Trade Accounts

With these customers , they can buy goods and pay for them later by putting the invoice on their account subject to them being within their credit limit. A reprinted copy invoice can be in customised A4 layout and at month end sending out statements


Discounted accounts

For customers who are entitled to fixed discounts these can be set up at a different rate per each sales group. This tends to work well with regular good customers , staff and clubs live golfers or allotment holders. These discounts can work in conjunction with loyalty or trade.


Prepaid Accounts and savings accounts

Where customers belong to a club that gives them special prices and facilities , then they can prepay into this with their monthly installments and spend upto their balance on their next visit.


Loyalty Accounts

These customers get rewards in the form of voucher promotions or can take loyalty earning as money off on their next visit


Nobody likes standing in a queue so finding a customer on the system quickly helps speed things up. However you still have to allow for the fact they forgot to bring their card or present it at the very end of the sale. Muliple searches - Account, Name, phone, postode. Accounts with sub members for family or company. Speedy recognition of customers using barcoded cards


These regular trade buyers are often given credit terms and can have an A4 full invoice with vat analysis printed as an alternative. It also helps to have stored on file their negotiated discount rates and delivery details. Credit status testing controls accounts delayed payment. A4 invoice , Optional A4 account statement , optional. Pay off on till or in the back office


You obviously need to know the address and any special instructions , which can be held on file for registered accounts or taken at the time for one off buyers. Post code Cd for temporary addresses. Selection of taken and to be delivered items. A4 full delivery note , optional.

Invoices and statements

Sometimes a till receipt isnt enough for a trade buyer , who needs a more paper copy on headed paper. Printed at the till at the time or sent out later. The design can be customised with your own payment terms. Month end statements show what is still outstanding

Special Prices

It helps not to have to remember the different discounts people get. The system offers reductions per sales group and so can be tailored to a group of people or one individual.

Spending History

The visits and spend per month are analysed confirming if they are a good customer or not. Especially useful in determine what level of discount to give to newer customers


One barcode scan of their card and we not only record their spending activity but also their pricing. It is a lot better than keeping them waiting whilst you get the owner to confirm they are a trade account


CAN I CHECK THAT THEY ARE ALLOWED DISCOUNT OR GET CREDIT? Usually one scan of their membership card does it, but if you want you can keep a picture on file as well.

CAN I GIVE DISCOUNT TO A LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE LIKE A GOLF CLUB? Yes , you can have one main account with lots of sub memebers who use each of whom can also have a card

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