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Loyalty is an essential element of an overall marketing strategy that aims to improve your business by: Increasing transactions frequency Increasing average spend Increasing customer retention


A good customer reward scheme creates a relationship between you and your customer. It helps you to understand their buying habits and anticipate their response to offers. They in turn will know they are important to you and feel rewarded through personalised offers and rewards.   It costs 6 more to get a new customer compared to keeping an existing one


Whether you need a straightforward system to manage and increase membership or a complete package to create campaigns with flexible rewards and discounts, we provide the infrastructure, support and expertise to set up, run and develop your reward program. More loyal customers = Higher turnover = Higher profit   "It's easier to sell 10% more to existing customers than 10% to new customers"   Keep your customers loyal with incentives relevant to their interests and spending habits Increasing your customer traffic leads to bigger sales and bigger profits Marketing initiatives increase customer retention whilst attracting new customers


Why do it

Builds a relationship with your customers by identifying their spend, and then rewards them with vouchers which increases visits and future sales.


How to do it

Issue cards for quick identification, which means the tills can captures their sales pattern. Target rewards to them by vouchers which send to them via emai, sms text or mailed by post.

Customers review

Based on how many visits and spend information you can identify your best customers, see how new starters are doing, and make sure some are not about to stop visiting.

Advanced marketing

Using targeted marketing campaigns for best customers, birthdays, spend balance etc, offer incentive rewards to get the to revisit and spend in your store. You may want to segment them such as (gold, silver, bronze), offer different points rates (happy hour) or special opportunity invitations. Whatever you do it is important to measure the success rate of each campaign.


It matters to identify and reward those regular high spending customers. By making them a loyalty customer you get to learn a lot more about their spending habits and so talk to them more sensibly, plus they get rewarded too via money off discount or reward vouchers.


When your customers join the scheme, you give them a card, create their customer record and assign their entitlement to rewards and privileges. This allows you to build flexible campaigns and gain insight into trends and response rates.


Do you treat all your customers equally? Our analysis shows that 60% of your business generally comes from just 20% of your customers. we offer the ability to segment and personalise marketing messages to different customer groups. Retain the best, upgrade the middle and incentivise the lower segments.


We have stock of tried and tested mail, letter, and text messages that generate addional business by reward vouchers.


Triggers are questions you ask to identify reward groups for voucher issue such as :- top 100 spenders, total customer spend, not been in in last 3 weeks or 8 weeks, visited a department, spent x on a product.


Do you really know where your customers come from. Which postcodes are on the increase and where your sales are disappearing from. Visualise hotspots and identify areas that could provide additional business and need targetting.


Find out what you need with clear and detailed reporting. Receive daily, weekly or monthly reports showing you the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Easy to understand dashboards provide you with daily snapshot of your customers and their activity level. Identify trends and act on them before it is too late.

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