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Barcoded labels are produced from the information already held on the database, so there's no need to re-enter anything, and they can be generated from purchase orders or goods inwards.



Good labelling speeds up till service and stock counting.

Multi Retail contains a wide variety of label templates to suit most retailers and supports a range of printers.


Scanning a barcode helps at the till and on stocktakes. A label will be printed either on purchase or on delivery. Having the descriptions and current price on file saves a lot of time writing them out each time.The layout of different labels is done using a windows design package and saved as a format. Although you can do demand labelling , that is requesting them there and then, it is much more efficient to get them produced as a by product of purchase order or goods inwards entry. Producing high quality shelf edging can also save time and money getting individual products labelled if you work off the suppliers barcode on the packaging.



This are roll fed upto 4" wide and print low volume runs for items from suppliers who do not barcode themselves


Card Printer

Plastic card , credit card size with variety or colours and mainly used by butchers or shelf labelling.



Heavy duty and quite likely for high volume and thicker plastic materials for outdoor use

Roll Labels

This are roll fed upto 4" wide and print low volume runs for items from suppliers who do not barcode themselves

Shelf Labels

Usual produced to the size of the shelving track , with a company logo, and larger price.

Produced on normal A4 and quite often with a barcode to assist stock counting

Plastic Cards

The main advantage of these cards is they are washable , and hard wearing.

The cards come in variety of colours and good as shelf edge or butchery pricing.

Sheet Labels

Usually on A4 adhesive sheets and come in a multitude of sizes.

The only down side is you have to print a lot in one go


You can store additional text and dates for items like prepacked meals

The goods come in and so do the labels as a bi-product of booking them into stock.


To handle all the different printers and label styles we use a windows design package. All you need is the printing license to be able to quickly print and easily produce clean and useful labels.


Designs are done for different product types depending on the size of goods,the value of the goods and their position indoor or outdoor. This includes all signage for shelf edge and information signs too.

CAN I PRINT IN COLOUR AND SHOW PICTURES OF PRODUCTS ? The standard thermal label printers tend to print solid black, but by using color laser (especially OKI) then the design is only restricted by what you can get on the paper, usually A4. With the ease of use of digital photography it is quite likely you would store this image linked to the product and print it at the same time.

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