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It is all about having the right items on sale and then clearing as many as possible before the perishable items go off. The enquiries vary between simple products lists , to quite complex sales or multi branch comparisons. Very few people run lots of enquiries but tend to find ones that suit them.



The system collects information from the tills on a real time basis so 15 seconds after the sale the whole reporting is updated and ready for reveiwing. The stock balance therefore both in the office and the till is accurate.


The tills are updating both the stock and sales statistics after each sale, so this makes taking a snapshot of sales performance possible during the trading day using one of the many screen enquiries which we cover here. The stock balance therefore both in the office and the till is accurate. There are controls of the other areas apart from sales and goods inwards, such as breakages, theft, wastage and own use and the system as routines for each.

pop up

Pop Up

These popup enquiries are used to answer a quick question without breaking off from the program you are currently working in.

stock and sales

Stock and Sales

Multiple product stock and sales figures , charts and graphics over last three years

sales viewer

Sales Viewer

Trace back through historical sales to find invoices or customer accounts or just look at what products people are buying together.



Management level functions with sales group drill downs and comparisons over variable time periods. This includes budgeting capability as well

Pop ups

we offer a quick and easy way to see stock and sales information by displaying it on top of the products you are currently viewing. POP UP product sales , stock levels, general information and sales comparisons.

Trace Invoices

When a customer brings an item back for return but without their receipt we can find it. Trace previous sale invoice by account, sales value, items with sale, then find out how paid and drill down to original sale lines.

Audit Trail

The system supports an audit trail of all stock and sales activity with reasons. This means it is possible to retrace what happened and who and when they did it. .

This V Last

There are many sales enquiries but of particular note is the fact that for seasonal items you can measure against what you did last year at the same time. Sales enquiries on daily, weekly or yearly trend. Charts for easier comparison. Dates can be offset to allow for change of bank holiday dates.


Filters allow your enquiries to become even more targeted.

Excel Export

Can export reports to excel for taking away or further work


The ease of use of producing enquiry information whilst working with pop up enquiry screens , without having to change program Trace if product sales have gone through the till, even whilst the customer is still there. Find older invoices over several tills and several days. Product finder without cost prices but with pictures.


CAN I CHECK LAST YEAR TO SEE WHAT I HAD BOUGHT OR HAD STOCK OF THEN? A more intense look at say the whole of last year buying, stocking, and sell pattern would be done using the general enquiry screens which specifically show this detail over a longer period of time.

CAN I TRACE BACK ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS IF I SEE PROBLEMS TO SEE WHO , WHEN AND WHY THEY HAPPENED? As each of the audits above will have originated from some part of the system then by keeping the original document or transaction reference an audit trail back to the original is available. Having located the original sales invoice, order, goods inwards then it can be enquired on or reprinted.

HOW HAS RECENT PERFORMANCE BEEN LAST WEEK OR PERIOD? The sales are kept as their original transactions per day , but to locate the sales total for a product per week or period would mean trawling through all previous sales to arrive at these totals. The system therefore stores a summary position for each full year of sales per product for 14 days, 53 weeks and 13 periods with a year to date total. This makes sales enquiries quick and allows for week on week or period on period comparisons.

CAN I CHECK WHICH ITEMS CAME FROM WHICH SUPPLIER? the original deliveries obviously show when suppliers brought stock in and provided that there is only one supplier of the product then no problem. Where there are more than one product the deliveries still show separately but stock on sale and counting all gets merged together if fifo stock taking is used then based on delivery dates then the oldest stock is used first and this is assumed to be the supplier allocated to the sale. The stock audit will hold a record of deliveries and as such is useful in tracing suppliers delivery and performance against orders

CAN I CONFIRM SUPPLIER PRICES TO SEE WHO IS MY PREFERRED SOURCE TO BUY FROM? there is the support of multiple supplier buy prices, and these are maintained as last cost of that supplier the important thing is to see these supplier prices at the time of maintenance or ordering to see who is your best supplier and hence preferred

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