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Epos Overview

Open Retail Solutions - refreshingly simple multichannel EPoS Systems and EPoS Software. We realise that this Epos thing maybe all new to you and so we have tried to explain it logically as a story of 4 parts. We cover from what it is, to how it helps you and why you should by one from us.This is best done by speaking to real retailers about their experiences and we have provided this as a series of youtube videos for you to study at your leisure.

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  • Epos Process

    Discuss why your team what you are trying to achieve and put it down in writing. Involve the staff in the selection, see what they feel about ease of use and time savings. Introducing change means you need to allow for the time and costs of staff retraining. Loading and maintaining the stock inventory designate a person to look after the project and liaise with supplier.

  • Reasons

    Epos isnt new , so use the techniques that have proved to be successful by other retailers. The lack of family members is holding up the ability to expand further. Trading results have returned a poor margin or stock levels are still too high. The introduction of EPOS would ensure that performance during the trading year. It will pay for itself over and over again with its increased functionality. Detailed sales reports give you a bird's eye view of your business .

  • Benefits

    Epos is a system used in retailing in which a product barcode is scanned at the cash till and the information relayed to the till computer. The computer then relays back the price of the item to the cash till. The customer is issued with an itemised receipt while the computer removes the items from the stock balance. Epos enables efficient computer stock control and reordering information as well as offering a wealth of knowledge about turnover, profitability, stock ratios, and other important financial information.

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