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A pole mounted till has the advantage of being able to lift the screen up and move it to suit the counter design and till operator. It lets equipment like scales be positioned below it and gives more face to face space with your customer.


On a standard mount the pc maybe located in the operator screen or a modular till is where the computer is in a seperate box to the screen , and means that if the pc goes it is easier to repair. It is usually located under the counter out of the way and only the screen on the top of the counter.


The main thing is that it is branded so it is long life from day one and gives a better return on your investment over the longer term. Any breakdowns are covered under warranty. The tills and the office are all linked together so products and prices go down and sales come back up in real time. This allows for active decision making during the trading day.

Four column portfolio



Essentially a windows pc that runs the till program and allows the operator to select sale products by pressing buttons on a touch screen. The rest of the hardware of scanner, printer etc connects to this base.

back screen

Back Screen

Whilst serving the customers can watch advertising messages and view what been added to their bill. This smaller customer screen is mounted to the rear of the main operator display.

gun scanner

Gun Scanner

Used to read the barcodes off of the items, and then the program looks up and sells the relevant item and price. There are different models are available depending on how it is going to be used, being hands free or cabled


Hands Free

This is a presentation scanner so that you can swipe the item in front at any angle, leaving you free to handle the goods rather than picking up or putting back a gun scanner into its cradle


Receipt Printer

The receipt printer is high speed and uses thermal paper to generate the receipt of the items sold and how paid.


Kitchen Printer

A special printer designed for the environment being capable of being wall mounted, with a tear off function and use dot matrix as opposed to thermal paper due to the environment they work in.

standard drawer

Standard Drawer

This will hold all that lovely money you are getting from your sales. The standard which open towards the operator and need space for the operator to stand back when it openss. it can be located on top or below the counter for extra security.and fliptop

flip drawer

Fliptop Drawer

This will hold all that lovely money you are getting from your sales. The fliptop style which likes its name suggests opens upwards and is more suitable for smaller checkout working areas.

ccard stand

Credit Card Stand

These are supplied by the credit card bureau and deal with the pin entry only. They can be mounted on a fixed stand and as well as card sales offer contactless and cashback capability.

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