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At a trade show, your day off or on holiday. You cannot stop wondering how they are coping without is it a good sales day, do I need to get back. A quick glance at your phone or tablet will tell you all you need to know.


It starts with today but you can pick any date. There you are tills , customers , items, sales what could be simpler


Worried about not being at work to see how the sales are going today. It couldnt be easier to check your sales, customers and products performance. Access is restricted by a secure login. Once logged on you can pick the branch and date you wish to review

  • Till Sales

    Check it out ! Top Products. Don’t get caught out with no stock available of your best sellers
  • Customers.

    Check it out ! Its always nice to know there are customers spending money in your store , and are they today ?

  • Departments

    Check it out ! Group sales. Which departments are performing the best. ?

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