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Credit Cards

The taking of credit card payements is essential for the majority of retail business these days. In Multi Retail the card total to pay is trsnfered to the card system directly and is called an integrated system. The card software deals with the authroising once the correct pin number has been entered. The printing of the payment confirmation is done on the receipt printer that the till uses. These systems work over broadband and store cards details locally in the even of line offline situation

  • Speed at the till

    Card authorisation is done via broadband connection rather than a telephone line which dramatically increases transaction speed and printed faster on the till receipt printer.

  • Accuracy.

    Integrated card systems ensure there is no wrong entry of amounts as the payment due is automatically generated by the till and can also handle cash back and contactless payments

  • Security

    Our card agency is Verifone, whose Chip & PIN devices are fully PCI DSS compliant and no card information is stored in the Epos system, so transactions are safe and secure. Real-time, instant reporting of every transaction, allowing you to check if payment has gone through and trace historical transactions.

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