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A destination centre selling not only plants but also has a restaurant and a children's soft play area with a cafe for the mums.

Gemmells Garden Centre

Based at Kilmarnock in Scotland we need to become a destination site and have been changing their offering accordingly. The recently introduced kids play centre has brought in more people . They have always had a strong food offering which enables visitors to get something to eat any time of the day. There was a need to ensure that the basic processes of serving customers were working well. The tills were ageing the support had been poor. Having established that the Open Retail tills would work faster and that the back office was easy to use. They decided to change working practices and swap over to mobile computing working off wifi tablets. This as not only addresses old issues but set up a future proof platform for the future.

Customer Background

Gemmells had used epos before and realised they needed it but only if they could be supported by a better supplier hence why they picked Open Retail who they found at Glee trade show

The Need for Change

Stage two was now to develop off a stable platform and so wifi windows tablets with bluetooth barcode scanners were introduced to enable more flexible working practices on stock control without always having to be back in the office.

The Solution

Multi Retail is owned and developed by Open Retail , so new ideas and responses to changes in trading styles get added all the time.

The Benefits

It is surprising how work arounds take, when things work as they should you can speed more time on developing new aspects of the business.

How Multi Retail helped us


The Multi Retail software has been flexible enough to deal with all the changes within the company. This includes operating a cafe and full size restaurant and play area,with a redeveloped plant and outside areas.


Changing epos supplier is a high cost option, we have all the benefits of continuity from a supportive local supplier and the savings of not changing all the time. The data and proceedures we operate have tightened up and improved so we can totally rely on the figures.


If a till had an issue with our previous supplier we would have to restart it and this could take up to 45 minutes which meant we were effectively one till down. Our new tills are so much more reliable and we have extra promotions that we didn't have before. Being a Scotsman you would expect me to watch the pennies. I got a whole new system for what I was paying the previous supplier in maintenance. It really was a no brainer decision. .

- Colin Gemmell / Owner

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