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Farmer Fayre Farm Shop

Located at the Agricultural show ground Coventry, farm shop and food service for trade shows and site businesses. It also offers a conferencing facility.


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Farmers Fayre Farm Shop

The owners have previous experience of running a farm shop at the Stoneleigh site, before moving to the new building. They spent a long time visiting farm shops to arrive at their own trading style both as the building but also the product range offered. The result was the best of all the others plus a few special ideas of their own.

Customer Background

The chance to start again with a purpose new building sounds great , but when you have to satisfy local traders only and then add large public events or your own conferenceing catering , it is quite a challenge

The Need for Change

With the rate of change of product prices we had to work quicker hence why we picked a system that could talk to the scales

The Solution

The Multi Retail software offer fast shop epos, with food service for our cafe and linking to Bizerba scales for our butchery and deli, you wont find many suppliers can do that

The Benefits

The system didnt need to be developed just used and gradually expanded into after the initial opening period.

How Multi Retail helped us


In the same way we reviewed other farm shops , we also reviewed farm shop epos system and picking a fully developed solution proved beneficial.


Selling is only part of the process , selling at correct prices and controlling stock used in the kitchen or managing stock wastage are equally important in getting a profitable outcome from those sales


We needed a company that had a system that could handle all the different aspects of business using one system. Fortunately we found Open Retail at a trade show and they guided us through the whole process , including the live opening.

- Nicola Reece / Owner

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