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They had a real problem , basically they couldnt get customers through the till fast enough. They moved from selling off scales and built a new exit to accomodate the epos tills


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Bolster Moor Butchers

The problem we had was that the existing premises did not allow us enough flexibility for the level of trade we were doing or efficient enough at the checkout . Changing the shop layout and introducing Open Retail’s Epos solution overcame both these issues.

Customer Background

Bolster Moor farm shop on the outskirts of Huddersfield is run by two families the Haighs and Whitwams and specialises in butchery. Much of the meat and produce comes from their own farm and neighbouring farms. Quality and service has been a key part to their growth over the recent years. So much so that they are renowned for their pork and meat pies which have won multiple awards in national and regional contests. It was felt that to develop further a change in shop layout would be required. A large redevelopment was drawn up increasing the size of most departments. As part of this a new till system was needed to improve the flow of customers and reduce waiting times. However there was to be no compromise on the method of serving retaining a friendly and individual service to their customers.

The Need for Change

Although we are using Avery scales on the butchery counters these have now been set up to transfer their products to the epos tills where other purchases can be added prior to payment being taken. The system uses fully integrated weigh plate scales that link directly with the epos touch tills. This method is particularly quick handling loose product like fruit and vegetables. Pick the button that relates to the goods being purchased and then do the weighing and the pricing is done by the till, so simple. .

The Solution

The range of functions and ways of serving has vastly increased by using epos tills. Account discounts and promotions, deliveries and integrated credit cards making service more efficient. We can add and change products during the trading day including where they need menu changes as well. The sales are being collected all day long so we know what is selling and keep an eye on what we might be running out of and so need reordering. It is different , but it is also better and it doesn't take that long to

The Benefits

Having introduced the smaller rear facing screens at the tills it gives us the opportunity to show promotional advertising messages whilst the customers are being served as well as them watching the scanned item prices at the same time. It is easy for us to change we just make pictures and put them into the play list.

How Multi Retail helped us


They have a particular trading style that they didnt want to change. Open Retail had to develop a new link to let their Avery scales send the completed transaction over to the epos tills for final payment .


One of the advantages of using epos over scales is the speed in handling credit cards. We now use terminals connected to the tills that are faster because they work over broadband. The total of the sale is transferred to the pin pad so no longer any mistakes on entering the wrong amount or even forgetting to take the payment. The receipt printer does all the paperwork so it is a lot faster. We can check straightaway over the internet whether a payment has gone through and are in position to take contactless payments in the future.


"“As a Yorkshire man I want good value and good service from every one of our suppliers, it is how we stay at the top. I explained how we wanted to serve exactly as we do now but quicker. Open Retail software provided the solution.” Simon Haigh “It was the checkout design that first attracted us when we met Open Retail at a trade show , being both space saving and efficient. We borrowed it, copied it and topped them in granite , they are built to last” Andrew Whitwam ”.

- Simon Haigh and Andrew Whitwam / Owners

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